Take a look at what parents and students are saying about us.  If you would like to send us a testimonial, please contact us today.

Andrea C.

My son completed a 9-week SAT course with Paul. Immediately thereafter he took his first SAT and scored 110 points higher than his PSAT score. Additionally, the course helped him with some of his high school classes. He seemed to enjoy the course and the instructor. I would highly recommend the Ivy Masters program.

-Andrea C.

Vaishali M.

I would highly recommend Ivy Masters for ACT classes. My son was able to bring up 5 points which is rare. Paul is very professional and friendly. He was always there when needed through emails and phone calls. I am confident you can take their classes for any academic needs.

-Vaishali M.

Colleen C.

My son attended Ivy Masters to prep for his recent SAT test. He walked into the test completely confident and prepared from the weekly sessions he attended at Ivy Masters! He scored really well on his first time taking the test. Highly recommend!

-Colleen C.

Michele R.

My daughter improved her SAT score by 130 points after taking the Ivy Masters SAT nine week prep class. She actually enjoyed going each week. I would highly recommend Ivy Masters to anyone that is looking for an SAT or ACT prep class.

-Michele R.

Jennifer G.

A big thank you to Paul and the Ivy Masters team! My son took the course over the summer and took the SATs for the very first time in August. We decided to schedule the SATs while the material was still very fresh in his head. His score from the PSATs went up 150 points! We were thrilled! What really helped besides the classroom in-person instruction, was the practice mock tests on Saturdays. We could see how his score improved each time. I will definitely be sending my daughter to the same course when it is her turn. Thanks again to Ivy Masters for everything!

-Jennifer G.

Eileen W.

Paul is one of the best! My daughter’s score improved in 6 private lessons by 130 points!! Emily loved the one on one private lessons and strategies that Paul showed her. I would highly recommend Ivy Masters Learning Center and Paul for anyone looking to improve SAT/PSAT scores.

– Eileen W.

Hillary S.

Thank you Ivy Masters Learning Center! Paul Pscolka is an amazing SAT tutor. This was a flawless experience. Paul keenly assessed exactly where Yael needed guidance. He focused on specific areas Yael wanted to improve in. There was no extraneous information. Yael reached her target score (1570) under Paul’s direction. In addition, he supplied her with specific practice packets and access to a large number of practice tests. He also provided her with useful SAT tips and pointers. Paul is professional, kind, dedicated, and truly cares about his students. Thanks to Paul, Yael took the SAT one time and is done! The hourly fee may sound high but Paul is a true expert! He never charged extra for all of Yael’s questions outside of her tutoring hour and he was very accessible whenever Yael reached out to him. He does not count minutes, and is clearly dedicated to the best possible learning environment for the student. Thank you Paul!

-Hillary S.

George P.

Paul has the magic formula. After working with our daughter in individual tutoring sessions she went up 220 points from her PSAT. Paul is personable, hands on and knows what it takes to get his students to excel. He has a program in place and sets a specific course plan for his students. We highly recommend Ivy Masters for anyone who wants their child to achieve their utmost potential on the SAT!

-George P.

Neveen E.

Paul tested my son with the ACT and SAT to decide which test would be better for him. He was able to determine that my son did better on the ACT test. He broke down the material into sections and gave my son a great way to study. This was the first time my son ever took the ACT. When his actual score came back we were stunned. He scored five points higher than his initial practice tests. In 8 short weeks with Paul, his improvement was unbelievable. His score improved so much that he basically we could qualify for any crazy college (even an IVY league). I HIGHLY recommend Paul!
-Neveen E.

Marissa P.

I can’t recommend and thank Ivy Masters enough! My son improved his score tremendously. Personal attention was given to each student. The content is thorough and multiple areas were covered including test tips. Ivy Masters provides the tools needed to succeed as long as you put in the time and work hard. My younger children will definitely be students of Ivy Masters in the future! Look no further! You’ve found the best!

-Marissa P.

Argie P.

Can’t say enough good things about Ivy Masters Learning Center. My sons scored improved significantly after completing a full SAT prep program. Paul is a kind and helpful man, very accommodating and knowledgeable about test prep. Will be using him again next year for my daughter.

-Argie P.

Jessica S.

I highly recommend Paul and Ivy Masters. My son took both a mock ACT and mock SAT before starting his prep classes. Paul analyzed both scores and helped to determine which would be a better fit overall. The weekly classes, at home prep work and option to take a practice test every Saturday is such a great way to keep the students engaged and encouraged. My son took a practice test 1/2 way through and then one the week before the big day. His score went up 7 points from the 1/2 way mark to the actual ACT!(he saw a 13 point increase from the initial mock test!) ONE and DONE!! Highly recommend Paul and Ivy Masters Learning Center!!

-Jessica S.

Beth G.

My daughter had a wonderful experience at Ivy Masters! She worked with Julia to prepare for her SAT and improved her score by 190 points in only five 1:1 sessions. My daughter felt that Julia was extremely patient, knowledgeable, gave great tips and pointed out important patters to look for. Julia also focused on exactly what my daughter’s weaknesses were based on the practice tests she completed and what my daughter felt she needed most help with. I highly recommend Julia, and Ivy Master’s Learning Center, for quality SAT prep instruction!

-Beth G.

Dominique C.

Super glad I came to Ivy Masters! I got an above average score for my SAT and for my essay. Paul was a great teacher and made sure each student knew the topic before moving on.


Robyn W.

My son worked with Rocco over the last month or two. He was easy to work with and he was able to help him tremendously. I would highly recommend Rocco as an ACT tutor. He saw a 4 point jump on the ACT. Thank you, Rocco and Ivy Masters.

-Robyn W.

Stacy W.

Thanks to Paul’s private tutoring sessions, my daughter improved 250 points from her Junior year PSAT to her senior year SAT. Paul assigned practice tests and questions, and he clearly explained the solutions to the questions she got wrong. She was then able to confidently answer all similar questions correctly on subsequent tests. We will absolutely use him again when our 14 year old is ready to begin studying for her SAT’s.

-Stacy W.

Michelle L.

Paul and his truly amazing style was exactly what my son needed to get ready for the SAT. Over the course of 4+ months and two canceled SATs because of Covid, Paul continued to work every week to ensure Robbie stayed ready, positive and engaged. He encouraged him to get up early on Saturdays for mock tests and helped instill a real sense of responsibility to get assignments done every single week. I truly believe the personal commitments demonstrated came from never wanting to disappoint at their weekly session or be unprepared – ever. Because of all this, my son had a 260 point improvement from his PSAT to the December test! I highly recommend Paul to ANYONE getting their kids ready for the exam. I have him penciled in for 3 years from now for our daughter! 😉
Thank you Paul!

-Michelle L.

Radhika R.

My son took the December SAT after a 6 week virtual session with Paul and achieved a 230 point improvement over his last PSAT, meeting the score requirements for a lot of colleges on his list. Our initial concerns about virtual classes were quickly banished, they were engaging, effective, Interactive and Paul would always take the time to answer any questions my son had during or after class. In addition to the weekly sessions, other resources like strategy sheets, the weekly mock tests and reminders to continue practicing during the week proved invaluable to easing any first time test taking jitters. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to maximize their test prep and will definitely look to working with him again when it’s our daughter’s turn.

-Radhika R.

John P.

My son is a Junior and just completed his SAT test. His score significantly improved compared to his PSAT score after taking the prep class with Paul at Ivy Master Learning. Paul helped him by teaching different techniques on how to approach the same problem and finding the most effective way to solve it. The virtual lessons were engaging, and the in-person practice tests helped him build stamina and develop time management skills. Paul and his team were very responsive and flexible throughout the whole process. We are so proud Matthew achieved the score required for acceptance at his target schools! We highly recommend Ivy Master Learning to any parent looking to maximize their child’s potential!

-John P.

Joe C.

When I needed an important business document edited and proofread, I turned to the experts at Ivy Masters.

Hanna was amazing, providing a comprehensive and accurate review. She was thorough and delivered the end product ahead of the deadline.

I would recommend Ivy Masters to anyone needing editing or a second set of eyes on a project!

-Joe C.

Sophie D.

Paul is an amazing teacher who has helped me improve so much. I improved 290 points from my PSAT last year! His tips and tricks are very useful in cutting down time on each question. I also really like his organization- all of the tactics are listed and explained clearly in a strategy sheet. I don’t feel that I have to go above and beyond to study on my own because I know that if I follow Paul’s methods and continue to meet with him, I will do very well.

-Sophie D.

Fatima M.

My daughter needed some help with her college essay. She was fortunate to work with Sue Gansman from Ivy Masters. Sue did a wonderful job in helping her and coaxing the best essay possible from my daughter. I was impressed with her brainstorming techniques and her outlining, editing, and proofreading skills. She asked relevant questions and helped my daughter make sense of her own experiences. The end result was an impactful essay written by my daughter that she and I were both proud of. I wish that we had found Sue earlier. She would have been such an asset. My daughter loved working with her and felt so comfortable sharing her thoughts and ideas with her. I hesitated initially because of the fee but I soon came to realize that this was standard and Sue was worth every penny. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with writing a well developed essay.

-Fatima M.

Thomas A.

Thank you Paul at Ivy Masters Learning Center. Paul was excellent to work with and his flexibility over the past six months has been outstanding. The combination of virtual, in-home and in-class sessions were just the mix my son needed during these unprecedented times. My son improved 4 points on the ACT’s between his September and his 2 October tests, and we are very happy for that (+4 in math, +5 in science, +6 in english and +4 in reading). When super-scored it is actually a +5 improvement. Paul and his tutors gave my son the confidence he needed going into the tests. With his new score he can not only get into the colleges he was aiming for, but now has opened up another new set of colleges he can look at.

I would recommend Ivy Masters Learning Center to anyone looking to improve their ACT/SAT scores.

-Thomas A.

Alisa F.

I would like to recommend Paul of Ivy Masters for SAT prep! Ivy Masters easily rated a 5/5 for test preparation, mind and body training for optimal performance on test day and individualized instruction. My son struggles with standardized testing due to adhd and difficulty with executive functioning (self starting, time management and auditory processing). Coupled with the anxiety of having to prepare for an SAT during a pandemic, when social distancing and mask wearing make SAT test taking difficult for most students, Paul was able to create a unique program so my son would receive the full course even though the SAT test day was moved up due to covid. My son had a 240 score improvement because Paul helped him create a strategy for success! Looking back, my son attributes his amazing score (at the 98th percentile) to being able to take mock tests every Saturday mimicking the actual test day. He followed every one of Paul’s suggestions and along with a 504 plan and time and a half accommodation, my son remembered everything he learned at Ivy Masters and was able to complete each section. I highly recommend Ivy Masters, especially if your child has any unique learning styles and/or attention issues. Thank you, Paul for assisting my son towards his next academic endeavor!

-Alisa F.

Clorinda R.

Thank you Paul for helping Chelsea score 200 points higher on her SAT. During a very stressful time of uncertainty you managed to maneuver many obstacles in remote/in person tutoring. Your expertise has made Chelsea achieve a better score and put her mind at ease while taking her test. Your tricks and shortcuts paid off. Thank you so much.

-Clorinda R.

Caryn R.

In the summer before my son’s Junior year, I was looking for a ACT tutor. We knew nothing of the test, and thought it was a good opportunity to try it. I spent time asking many different family and friends and no matter whom I asked I received the same answer “Paul, from Ivy Masters.” I began this process utilizing one of Paul’s students. After the sessions, my son did considerably well, and we decided he would concentrate on the ACT. My son worked with Paul a handful of times one on one. Paul was very good with my son; patient and gave very helpful explanations to questions. Paul was very easily accessible via txt and phone. Covid has been a very challenging time for all and I have to mention Paul was very understanding of cancelling appointments last minute due to test cancellations. I highly recommend Paul to help your child out with these exams! My son went up three points and that would of never of happened without the help of Ivy Masters Learning Center!

-Caryn R.

Jacob W.

I have been working with paul for truly almost a year and a half now. The commitment of one hour a day was a tough thought for me, but I trusted that if I put in the work and listened to Paul that in the end it would all work out. Paul could not have been a better tutor and I’m glad my family, including extended, chose Ivy Masters to help prepare for the SAT and ACT tests.

-Jacob W.

Christine R.

Excellent, knowledgeable and attentive instructor. Highly recommend.

-Christine R.

Sharon A.

I can’t say enough about Ivy Master’s! Paul was so easy to communicate with and very responsive. He recommended Rocco for my daughter for math tutoring and SAT tutoring. Even though the SAT has been canceled since April and her schools went test optional, I continued with Rocco. Rocco has improved my daughter’s score by over 150 points on the practice exams! She is ready to take to SAT in Sept and Oct as long as the exams are offered! Her taking the test will set her apart and that’s the reason we made the decision to keep her tutoring sessions with Rocco. Rocco is so super smart and extremely professional. Even during the pandemic he transitioned my daughter seamlessly virtually. It was the best decision to do the one on one tutoring. I’m so glad my friend recommended Ivy Masters Tutoring and I will recommend them to all my friends as well! Thank you Paul and Rocco.

-Sharon A.

Elizabeth K.

Our older daughter used an ineffective test prep service. When it was time for our younger daughter to prepare for the SAT, Paul came highly recommended to us. The results speak for themselves. Our daughter improved her combined test score by 220 points. Through simulated proctored exams, one-on-one instruction and in-person classes with Paul our daughter was able to minimize her weak spots and become comfortable taking the SAT. Our son will definitely be going to Paul next year and we highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their SAT scores.

-Elizabeth K.

Howard S.

It’s not always easy to know how private tutoring will be helping your child on the SATs until they get their scores back. My wife and I were so absolutely amazed at how both of our children excelled under the private touring of Paul from Ivy Masters Learning Centers. We had previously used companies that had classes in their local offices and neither of my kids improved with this classroom method. In fact, I felt that the instruction was never geared towards my children’s weaknesses and was too generic. When we heard about Paul from a friend we decided to engage him for both our children. The results were spectacular and both students were able to be admitted to their tops schools – the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University and the other to Brown University – which has one of the most competitive entrance requirements of all the top universities. We know that while our children worked hard for these achievements, they would not have been as prepared for the standardized testing without Paul and his private tutoring.

-Howard S.

Laura D.

My son Matteo is a Junior and just finished taking his SAT’s for the second time. His score improved 140 points after taking the SAT prep class with Paul Pscolka at Ivy Master Learning Center.

Paul helped him by teaching different techniques on how to approach the same problem and finding the most effective way to solve it.

Additionally the practice tests helped him to build up stamina and develop time management skills while taking the test.

I definitely recommend his class.

-Laura D.

Jake W.

Paul is hands down the best act/sat tutor in the entire state of New Jersey. If you have someone else you probably should just fire them at this point 🙂

-Jake W.

Mary Ellen R.

Paul helped my daughter improve her ACT score by 3 points in just two sessions! His strategies encouraged her confidence and with that came the score and college acceptances she was hoping for! We highly recommend Paul and his staff and will definitely be using him again for our younger daughter!

-Mary Ellen R.

Christine D.

Paul and his staff has been very helpful in the success of my sons SAT review. He has improved his scores and his skill set. Thank You.

-Christine D.

Steve C.

Rocco has tutored my son in High School Algebra and his approach has been very effective for him 👍😀

-Steve C.

Nicole G.

Paul does a great job. He helped my son prepare for the SAT. He taught him the strategies needed to be successful on the test. He is patient , kind and very smart. He was always available to my son and this first time college mom! I will no doubt be sending my daughter to him.

-Nicole G.

David S.

Paul will definitely help your child improve their scores. He is very calm, demanding, but not overbearing. Like any tutoring situation, if his style is a match for your child, he will coax the most out of him/her. We’ve used many different tutors for our 3 kids over the years, and he was the best. BUT don’t kid yourself about any tutoring situation – your child has to be prepared to put in the effort. You only get out what you are willing to put in!

-David S.

Dwayne/Lisa J.

Paul was very accommodating with class times and really was honest about what atmosphere my son would excel in, regardless of price. He helped my son improve his SAT score by 140 points. We would highly recommend Paul and Ivy Masters Learning Center!

-Dwayne/Lisa J.

Kara L.

Anthony’s score has improved tremendously since being tutored by Paul!

-Kara L.

Susan P.

My sons score went up 170pts the first time and another 60 more the next! Super convenient and professional too!

-Susan P.

Maggie N.

Paul and his team are the best extremely helpful great classes cares about what he does I would highly recommend him for all Sat and Act prep

-Maggie N.

Yvette E.

Paul is wonderful. My kids have done really well with him.

-Yvette E.

Debbie P.

Paul is very hands on. He and his staff are very professional and caring. He thinks of everything. All you have to do is sign up, schedule the appointments and bring your student. The experience is very impressive.

-Debbie P.

Ronni W.

My daughter, who is a Junior, is getting SAT/ACT tutoring from Joe. After the first session I was able to tell that not only will he be able to help her – any good tutor can do that, but he really connected with her!! He’s patient, listens well, and explains things extremely well too. If by chance you don’t understand, he can offer you another way to explain it! In the short time we have been getting lessons , his tips/strategies have already given my daughter a boost of confidence. She took her PSAT today and came home knowing she got certain answers correct because Joe gave her the tools she needed. Don’t get me wrong, she has to put in the work to get the results but he is easing her anxiety about how to tackle the questions. Thank you Joe!!!

-Ronni W.

Joey A.

We have nothing but great things to say about Ivy Masters. Paul was informative and very responsive to any questions we had. Both my kids went up almost 200 points after his class. Would highly recommend.

-Joey A.

Natalie B.

Paul helped dramatically improve my daughters SAT score by 110 points in less than a month. She took 3 classes and 1 private lesson. He was always available before and after class for any questions she had. Any questions we had he always immediately answered. Additionally, he helped my son in a small amount of time get into multiple colleges with multiple merit scholarships. Overall an amazing experience. Will be sending my youngest daughter to him without a doubt.

-Natalie B.

Tevin F.

Paul was great, proctored exams on Saturday’s helped a lot.

-Tevin F.

Eric A.

Paul’s style of teaching is very effective because he does everything in his power to make sure that you can take the SAT in the most quick and efficient way possible. His classes and private tutoring sessions refreshed on topics that I may have for got and taught me strategies that I never knew I needed. Ivy Masters felt like the best decision to improve my SAT score.

-Eric A.

Surendra V.

Paul was the perfect tutor for our son. He focused on our son’s weakness and stressed easy simple solutions to make them strengths. Paul is definitely going to be working with our younger son.

-Surendra V.

T. Douglas

Julia was amazing with my girls. She tutored the girls for the SAT. She was very helpful. She kept them focused on the areas that they needed work on. They just took the test. I will update this review once we receive the scores.

-T. Douglas

Alexandra D.

Paul is an incredible tutor. He has helped me prepare for SAT and the GRE. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!

-Alexandra D.

Renata N.

Paul was the best tutor for my daughter. He was patient and very helpful to her for the SAT’s. I would recommend him to anyone looking for prep. He is flexible with timing and comes to your house at your connivence, you will be very happy with his services!!

-Renata N.

Jennifer J.

Totally exceeded expectations.

-Jennifer J.

T. Jones

My son needed a tutor for the SAT. This test is not one of the more popular ones so we had difficulty finding a specific SSAT tutor. Paul Psolka came highly recommended for his SAT/ACT tutors so we reached out and discussed our needs. Soon after we were introduced to a lovely tutor named Julia who was super smart and thorough. Even though she wasn’t familiar with the SSAT, she was able to help my 13 yr old son prepare in other ways. She helped him organize his thoughts, pace himself and was able to help him with the grade level of math and language arts he would be tested on. Best decision we made. My son is now a scholar at The Lawrenceville School! Thanks Julia and Paul!

-T. Jones

Anu C.

I had Paul tutor my girls for the SAT. Their scores improved significantly and Paul was very easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul.

-Anu C.

Yasmine B.

I enjoyed the classes with Paul. He was very sincere and patient with students.

-Yasmine B.

Zoe G.

Paul was great at helping explain things. He helped bump up my score about 100 points. He also taught me new strategies that made taking the SAT easier.

-Zoe G.

Yelena V.

All of our three children had lessons with Paul and they were able to improve their SAT scores drastically . We highly recommend Ivy Masters. Paul does a great job.

-Yelena V.

Sydney A.

Paul was great and very insightful. He helped me a lot with perfecting the skills needed to do well on the SAT.

-Sydney A.

Ammaar O.

Class was tough and it helped a lot.

-Ammaar O.

Olga S.

Paul was amazing to work with! He put my son at ease and gave him both the tools and confidence to do the very best he could on the ACT. His score from his first practice test to 2 months later when he took the ACT, after 3 sessions with Paul, went up by 5 points! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone!

-Olga S.

John P.

Paul has helped my son Joe get into his #1 school Penn State at University Park. Joseph would tell me on the car rides home that Paul really knows his stuff. He teaches you how to take the test. His free (for students) proctored exams on Saturdays are another key element to his successful strategy on taking the test. I would recommend and have recommended his services to everyone I come in contact with. Joes scores jumped up a total of 190 points. Thank you! I may see you next year with #2

-John P.

Faith G.

Ivy Masters was a pleasure to attend as it helped further my test taking skills to a new and improved level!

-Faith G.

Steven S.

Ivy masters learning center has been a big part of our family for many years starting with our Steven and ending with Nick, Paul and his team are 2nd to none, there commitment to their program and students shows in the scores our boys were able to achieve on the SAT’s.Thank you Paul and the ivy master team for being there all through the years.

-Steven S.

Lenny F.

We highly recommend IMLC and Paul Pscolka. First our son took SAT preparation course at IMLC. The program is very well designed. It teaches students strategies & tips for mastering the test. Their study materials & sample tests are constantly updated based on the most recent SAT tests. After the first attempt, our son took 5 private lessons with Paul & continued to take weekly practice tests at the IMLC. He scored above 1500 the second time he took the test which was 200 points improvement from his first attempt.

-Lenny F.

Olga G.

I highly recommend Ivy Masters for SAT prep and general tutoring. My son is getting help for his math with private tutoring, and it has been keeping his grades up for 2 marking periods. He now started his SAT prep with Ivy Masters.

-Olga G.

Shazia S.

Paul has passion for what he does, you could see it right away. He has the patience to listen to child/parents needs and is there for any recommendation that is good for your child.

-Shazia S.

Avery F.

Going to tutoring with Paul is one of the best choices I have made. He not only taught me the content that would be on the ACT, but also the mindset I needed to do well. After tutoring, I got my target score on the ACT, which I never dreamed I could do! Thank you so much!

-Avery F.

Olga G.

I can recommend Ivy Masters for SAT Prep and general tutoring. My son is getting help for Algebra and SAT. Ivy Masters help him keep his grades up. Very good price and they do not make you to commit for tutoring services, so you can schedule help as needed.

-Olga G.

Susan F.

At Ivy Masters, my two sons are provided with a very compassionate and experienced teacher. Mr. Pscolka has been my sons’ teacher since last summer, and their scores have increased dramatically. He is able to help my sons comprehend the material as well provide extremely helpful tips. He is incredibly patient and understanding. My two sons all agree that he is a phenomenal teacher and enjoy learning with him. I would highly recommend this learning center to anyone looking for an SAT tutor!

-Susan F.

Dan W.

Paul tutored my older daughter and helped her get the SAT score she needed for her top school choice which she now attends. We had tried another tutor before finding Paul and my daughter struggled. Paul got her back on track by challenging her and making sure she understood the material each week. We were so pleased with Paul’s tutoring that my younger daughter is now one of his students.

-Dan W.

Sharmila C.

My daughter was tutored by Paul. His tips and techniques really helped her a lot. Weekly exams and the feedback from them were a game changer.
Thanks, Paul!

-Sharmila C.

Ilona Z.

Paul and his team are very knowledgeable. They helped my son to get 1480 in SAT and a perfect 36 score in ACT. Will be calling on their services again in 6 years when my younger son is ready.

-Ilona Z.

Virginia S.

Great tutor, very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him.

-Virginia S.

Mimi P.

I highly recommend Ivy Masters. This past summer my son was enrolled in a college online calculus class. My son started this class 3 weeks late and needed a tutor to catch him up. My coworker knew a friend’s son who used Brandon and he came highly recommended. My son really enjoyed learning calculus with Brandon. Brandon made learning easy. He was able to explain calculus in simpler terms. The end result was very positive. My son got the grade he needed in this course to transfer into his college. Brandon made it possible!
Smart, reliable, punctual, caring and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

-Mimi P.

Paula T.

My son Dominic had private SAT tutoring with Paul this summer. Dominic found Paul to be thorough and informative during each session. Paul was able to assess Dominic’s strengths and weaknesses and provided him with the individualized instruction that he needed. He made great improvements with a 200-point increase from his PSAT resulting in a 1510 on his SAT. This score put him in the 99.2 percentile. We are proud of him and couldn’t be happier with his results. It was a pleasure working with Paul. I highly recommend Ivy Masters Learning Center.

-Paula T.

Caryn R.

Used Ivy Masters for private in home sessions. Rocco was great to work with. He worked with both my children helping with summer math packets and prep work for the ACT. Ivy Masters has a very good reputation and from my experience I understand why.. I highly recommend Rocco!

-Caryn R.

Stuti M.

Paul’s class is very straightforward and very helpful. He not only helps you with test-taking strategies but also helps you “get into the zone”. If you have any questions he answers them very patiently. His guidance helped me reach a superscore of 1530. Would definitely recommend!

-Stuti M.

Koren K.

Excellent class. Small class size. Paul offers proctored SAT exams every Saturday which helped my daughter a lot! My daughter’s score went up by 160 points after she took Paul’s class. Great experience!

-Koren K.

Julie L.

We are so thankful we were introduced to Paul! My daughter has gotten so much out of his program! She had worked with other tutors/programs prior to meeting Paul however she knew right away his program was the right one for her. Paul is amazing.! He was/is always available to answer questions. Even when our questions were ridiculous!
One of the huge benefits of the program is the free proctored exams given every Saturday. I think sitting for the exams helped my daughter prepare for the real test day which absolutely helped her reach her goal! THANK YOU PAUL!

-Julie L.

Allison S.

Jake is absolutely amazing! He went above n beyond to make sure my son understood the material. Thank you for all your help. Very much appreciated…

-Allison H.

Nancy R.

My son had Julia to help him with Geometry. Ryan’s grades went up and he was able to understand geometry better because of her. She was the best tutor we’ve had for our son and we had teachers over the years that wasn’t able to help him.

-Nancy R.

Jason J.

Paul offers and provides many useful and relevant tips on taking the SAT test. He answers all questions you have and answers questions you didn’t know you had.

-Jason J.

Michelle B.

Sami is awesome! My daughter loves being tutored by her.

-Michelle B.

Heather I.

My son learned a lot. It is a great program and class.

-Heather I.

Joann J.

My daughter took Paul”s classes and also had him come to privately tutor her. She gained 200 points from his help. I highly recommend him!

-Joann J.

Nitidhan A.

Paul was introduced to us by a personal friend in the area. My son attended Paul’s SAT class in early 2018 followed by one-on-one tutoring this past summer to help prepare him for the SAT exam.

Although I have always been skeptical of using SAT prep classes due to mixed reviews from various sources, I wanted my son to have the most experienced instructor to enhance his knowledge and prepare him. In hind sight, using Paul was an excellent decision that has already reaped priceless benefits considering that my son improved his score by 290 points.

Paul’s in-depth aptitude, communication and professionalism has made a vast difference in my son’s ability to comprehend the more challenging topics and material in math and verbal sections of the SAT.

I have nothing but high praise for Paul and his genuine ability to help students improve their scores on placement exams. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who has a desire to learn and prepare themselves for college. An investment now can reap priceless benefits in your child’s education and career path in the future.

Paul – As I have stated before, you are an inspiration and I am honored to have had the opportunity to have my son learn from a truly exceptional instructor !!! Thank you again.

-Nitidhan A.

Julia K.

” I am so glad that a I used Ivy Masters to study for my SAT! In a small group of just 3 students, I really was able to receive individualized attention as well as learn from my peers. I would recommend Paul to anyone who lives in the area! After my tutoring sessions, I was able to improve my score and earn admission into The University of Scranton Masters of Occupational Therapy program.”

-Julia K

Mariola L.

I would like to highly recommend IMLCT, My son improved his score by 150 points after 9 group classes, he liked it very much not just the educational aspect of this course but also advice from Paul how to approach and what to expect from the SAT test. He was very confident on the day of the test.

-Mariola L.

Olga S.

I am SO glad that we chose to have Paul give my son private lessons for ACT prep! My son felt very comfortable with Paul, and after each lesson said that he learned a lot. He had 2 lessons 2 weeks apart, and after each lesson his practice test scores rose. His score went up by 7 points from his first ACT practice test to his official one – the equivalent of 260 SAT points! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the help we got from Paul, and would recommend him to anyone!

-Olga S.

Susan K.

My daughter was preparing for her 2nd SAT and preferred private sessions. A friend of mine highly recommended Ivy Masters, I am so happy I took the recommendation!
We scheduled weekly sessions, she met with Julia for 5 appointments and Paul for 3 appointments. She is shy, but said she felt comfortable, each session was very productive and she was more confident.
She increased her score by 230 points, thank you Julia and Paul! What a great feeling knowing no time was wasted trying to find the right fit. Looking forward to working with this team again in the future!

-Susan K.

Maria B.

We highly recommend Ivy Masters SAT/ACT prep. We sought Paul’s services to assist my daughter’s preparation for the March SAT. Paul provided private SAT tutoring, once a week for six weeks. He addressed strategies to assist and address areas she struggled with. Every week he provided her with “a circle packet” which contained problems, which she had to apply his strategy, assisting her to master the technique and correctly answer the questions. We sought Paul’s services after most of his time slots were filled, he was very flexible and worked hard to accommodate our schedules, he ensured she met with him each week. As a result of Paul’s guidance, techniques and encouragement my daughter improved her score by 90 points. I have no doubt that with your child’s hard work, along with the instruction and guidance of Paul your child will improve their score.

-Maria B.

Ady V.

Paul tutored my daughter in a small group setting with two of her friends who were on a similar academic level. The girls met with Paul once a week during the summer for about 10 weeks. They did one practice test a week (together without Paul) and Paul reviewed their incorrect answers with them each week showing them his test strategies for various types of questions.

My daughter started out with a 1320 on her first practice SAT. When she took the real SAT for the first time in August (right after finishing her lessons with Paul) she scored a 1460! She scored a 780 on the math!

Paul helped my daughter gain confidence and knowledge for the SAT exam. She learned beneficial strategies regarding the test questions that she wouldn’t have known otherwise. Paul knows the test inside/out and has extremely valuable techniques which he passes on to his students. His prices were very reasonable especially in a small group setting. I know people who’ve paid much more for large group sessions with test prep companies which don’t offer the individual focus we received from Paul.

We highly recommend Paul for SAT/ACT prep. His knowledge of both tests is immense and I attribute my daughter’s increase of 140 points to her lessons with Paul.

-Ady V.

Anna D.

My daughter had tried other tutors but none made a difference like Paul. In their private SAT sessions, he helped her to focus & gave her encouragement & confidence. Paul is highly knowledgeable about the material but not intimidating which put my daughter at ease. She was motivated & gained a better understanding of the strategies which helped her to improve her SAT score 200 points more than her last SAT (130 points more than her best test). I would highly recommend Paul for anyone wanting to improve their SAT &/or ACT scores. Thank you Paul!

-Anna D.

Rupa S.

Paul helped my son raise his score by 200 points in 4 sessions. Prior to the one on tutoring, my son had only taken the PSAT, and did a little prep work on his own. I had attended one of Paul’s free information sessions and felt he was the right fit for my son. I was very impressed with his knowledge and the methods he uses. The one on one tutoring was perfect, very structured and organized. Quoting my son, “Paul knows everything. Our lessons were quick and impactful.” I would highly recommend Paul Ivy Masters Learning.

Thank you Paul!

Heather H.

Students see huge improvement in test scores in working with Paul Pscolka for tutoring!!! STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!

As a former director in the Admissions Office at an Ivy League University, I have my own college consulting business where I help students navigate through the college admissions process (essay & application proofreading, but not SAT or ACT tutoring), I send my students to the expert for that! All of my clients who have used Paul & his team at Ivy Masters for tutoring RAVE about them and I see a HUGE improvement with my students’ scores, *which results in more admit letters*. I would only ever send my students to the BEST, and that is with Paul Pscolka & Ivy Masters.

-Heather H.

Roy W.

Paul does a great job. My son was able to improve his SAT scores and get multiple offers for scholarships. As per my son, and from my standpoint as well, Paul is smart, professional and knows the algorithms for test taking really well. Highly recommended for SAT and ACT study and prep.
Originally posted a review for Paul and Ivy Masters in October, 2017 after Paul helped my son, Jon, improve his SAT and ACT. Jon is quite smart and a great student but after working with Paul, group class and then small group instruction, Jon got great scores and ended up with great scholarship offers including a complete funding/ scholarship from NJIT.
That was 2 years ago. Paul recently helped my daughter with her SAT prep. Her original SAT score, without tutoring, was 1300. She is an excellent student too, stronger in math than English, generally. After working with Paul in small group instruction, she raised her math score to near perfect, 790 out of 800. With more small group instruction, she raised her English score to 710. Super score of 1500.
The numbers speak for themselves. Beyond that, Paul is just a great guy, super professional, extremely smart, really nice and a great communicator, particularly when timing or matters arose to arrange small groups with multiple kids and multiple parents. Proud to call him an Old Bridge neighbor as well.
I’m not sure I could give him a higher or more wholehearted recommendation.
If you want your kid to get better SAT or ACT scores, Paul is the man. His prices are reasonable too. He’s paid for his efforts many times over in the added scholarship monies my son has, and is, receiving. My daughter will no doubt reap the same benefits, perhaps a bit more.
Thank you buddy! neighbor and friend.

-Roy W.

Jennifer J.

Paul has privately tutored (for SAT) both of my daughters and I highly recommend both Paul and private tutoring. Having one-on-one sessions allows Paul to create a personalize learning plan which I, and my girls feel is most beneficial and efficient. Both girls felt extremely comfortable with Paul and liked his approach to explaining concepts and strategies. The results are in the numbers…one of my daughters improved 130 points after only 2 one hour sessions!

-Jennifer J.

Nicole K.

A big thanks to Paul for helping my daughter improve her SAT score 130 points to a 1500 in four sessions. Paul worked with Haley in a small group setting, allowing him to focus in on some of her specific needs. He was excellent and my daughter made note of how helpful his classes were towards her overall success. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their SAT score.

-Nicole K.

Michael S.

With the hard work of my daughter and 7 x 1 hr sessions with Paul, SAT scores increased 120 Points. The largest increase in score was seen after the one on one compared to her prior “ultimate” classroom package from another provider for the first SAT.

-Michael S.

Joey S.

First off I wanna say Paul really knows his stuff. I was struggling on the arithmetic section of the accuplacer, I took it twice and scored A 37, and a 48 before I studied with Paul. I took 1 study session with Paul and after that hour and a few simply tips he gave me, I retested that next day, and scored a 80 on it! I don’t have to take any pre-Rexs in college now. Couldn’t of done it without him. I would highly recommend him for anyone out there that needs some extra help in math.

-Joe S.

Robin T.

My daughter has been taking private SAT prep lessons with Paul since July. One of the many things she likes about Paul is his patience. He carefully explains the problem and never gets angry, or talks down to her. He is very encouraging which makes her strive to improve. Chloe’s score increased by 200 points from her PSAT to her first SAT. I totally recommend Paul to any student who is serious about mastering the SAT.

-Robin T.

Michelle M.

Thank you Paul! The brief but effective tutoring sessions with my son motivated him and ultimately raised his SAT score 250 points with only 4 tutoring sessions!

-Michele M.

Tom N.

Paul was recommended to us by a friend to help my son to improve his SAT score. After working with my son on the SAT, he continued to help him with pre- calculus. Paul explained the concepts in a way he could understand. In doing so, my son’s grade improved tremendously! Paul was patient and made my son feel at ease. I highly recommend Paul and would absolutely use Paul again in the future.

-Tom N.

Priya P.

Paul from Ivy Masters was an invaluable component to our son’s final SAT score.
My son had come to Ivy Master with a 1320 on his first SAT score, after registering with Ivy Masters
and completing his proprietary/strategic method of taking the exam, our son’s second SAT score, hit
1520. That’s a 200 point increase!!! That’s a dramatic increase, considering he only spent 16 hours of
class time with Paul, as well as you don’t go broke using his service!! Don’t be fooled by his low price.
Sure are glad we made the choice to go with Paul from Ivy Masters.
Take Note: Our son put in considerable amounts of time following Paul’s strategies, not just the basic
hour’s in class. He spent well over 100 hours combined. Your kids will have to put in the effort on their
own as well. Paul follows up weekly with your child’s progress via email. If you email him, he is
responsive and will get back to you.

Thank You Paul for the incalculable service you provide.

-Priya P.

Dave and Paula C.

Our son took his first sat in March. He wasn’t happy with his score. We heard about Paul from Ivy Masters from a friend. We signed him up for one hr private lessons. On his second test (May) his score went up 170 points. We continued two more private lessons and we are awaiting his score from his third test. Paul was great with test preparation, study skills, and test strategies. We would recommend him to anyone taking the SATs, ACTs or any college prep tests. Thanks!
-Dave and Paula C.

Lisa C.

I would definitely recommend Paul from Ivy Masters for SAT tutoring. My daughter’s score improved 130 points in 5 one hour private lessons. Paul was very patient and took the time to help her with any questions or problems that she had. Thank you Paul!!
-Lisa C.

Anthony C.

Wanted to say thanks to Paul for his hard work and dedication. My son felt he was a great help in studying for the SAT and ACT.
Paul was super reliable and a pleasure to deal with.
Nice job!
-Anthony C.

Maureen G.

My son, Jack, met with Paul from IvyMasters for a few private SAT tutoring lessons and improved his SAT score 150 points. Paul worked with my son to understand his strengths and areas for improvement. He set goals with my son and helped him be disciplined in his studying. I highly recommend Paul for tutoring!
-Maureen G.

Tom M.

Paul was recommended to us by a friend to help my son to improve his SAT score. After working with my son on the SAT, he continued to help him with pre- calculus. Paul explained the concepts in a way he could understand. In doing so, my son’s grade improved tremendously! Paul was patient and made my son feel at ease. I highly recommend Paul and would absolutely use Paul again in the future.
-Tom M.

Alissa B.

My son took the SATS in Oct. 2017, and while he did quite well on the math section, he wanted to try to raise his English score. After getting a recommendation from one of his friends, we called Paul @ Ivy Masters, and although he did not have any available dates open to tutor my son for the March 2018 SATS, he tried extremely hard to accommodate us, calling each time he had a cancellation to fit us in. After only 3, one hour lessons, my son improved on the English portion of he SAT by 100 points!
Paul is very nice and friendly and as I said before tries very hard to accommodate. he did a terrific job identifying my sons strengths and weaknesses and made sure that he understood a concept before moving on. I would absolutely recommend him!
-Alisa B.

Barbara M.

I would highly recommend using Paul/Ivy Masters. My son took the SAT previously without truly preparing. With Paul’s class he improved his score tremendously. Paul provided structure, strong strategy skills and it showed in my son’s most recent score. Paul is also unbelievably accommodating with his classes and even trying to squeeze in a private session. Cannot say enough about his prep program. Rest assured the second son is going to Paul too.

-Barbara M.

Gosia D.

I would HIGHLY recommend using Paul at Ivy Masters for SAT Prep. My daughter was enrolled in his group class from January to March. At first I was a little skeptical as the class was somewhat big (over 20 students), but I can assure you that no matter how large the class is, Paul gives EVERYONE the attention they deserve. My daughter was able to improve her score by 310 points, from 1130 to 1440!!! It may be hard to believe but all the strategies and the assigned homework he gives are a huge help for preparing for the SAT. It is just important to take this class seriously and open up time in your week to do the assigned homework practice tests and go over the strategies he teaches.

If you are looking for a place to boost your SAT score Paul at Ivy Masters is the one!!!

Thank you Paul and I will see you in 4 years when my younger daughter will be taking her SAT 🙂 and for now, I will be sending all my daughter’s friends to you for help.
-Gosia D.

Frances S.

Paul has been with working with our family for over ten years. He has worked with each of our four children preparing them for both the SAT and the ACT exams. Not only have each of our children shown improvement in their scores and learned a great deal about test preparation, Paul is such a patient and knowledgable teacher that they always felt so comfortable in that learning environment. Our oldest son and daughter, Zac and Jen, are now successful college graduates after attending universities of their choosing. Our middle son, Dylan, is now a freshman at his first choice university. Over the years, Paul has been extremely accommodating, rearranging his schedule for us, when possible, when our crazy schedule warranted a change. (He now works with our son Trevor at 8:00am Sunday mornings. ) Paul is professional and diligent, and watching him work with all of our children, he also readjusts and caters to each child’s individual needs. Trevor has made a huge improvement from his pre SAT scores and is on the path to reaching his potential. I cannot say enough incredible things about Paul. He has become a member of our family. Too bad it is our last child…..but we highly recommend him to anyone looking for test preparation in any capacity. Thank you Paul for your dedication and guidance always, answering any question we have had along the way of this process. You are awesome.
-Frances S.

Maureen A.

After taking Paul’s SAT prep class, our son came home saying how grateful he was for having taken the class as he used many of the strategies he was taught. He even mentioned to Paul the ease of taking the SAT. When the scores came out, not only did Christopher meet his goal, but exceeded that by an additional 90 points. Overall, Christopher increased his score from the PSAT by 230 points. Paul definitely does a fantastic service in preparing our kids to earn strong scores. Thank you!!!!
-Maureen A.

Michele M.

Thank you Paul! The brief but effective tutoring sessions with my son motivated him and ultimately raised his SAT score 250 points with only 4 tutoring sessions!
-Michele M.

Dana H.

For SAT preparation, I would highly recommend Ivy Masters. Paul recently tutored my son who took his SAT for the first time last month. His score improved by almost 300 points. We also
used Paul to tutor my daughter two years ago and her score drastically improved as well. There’s no doubt that was attributable to Paul’s instruction and strategic test taking tips. Thanks so much Paul!!!
-Dana H

Ed S

I just wanted to say what a great job I thought Paul and Ivy Masters did in preparations for my son to take his SAT exam.
He made my son comfortable throughout the whole course time period. He was also very flexible with regards to outside obligations in other areas, that being my sons practice schedule for his lacrosse team and football training obligations. It was great having other options without missing his other commitments.
I think Paul’s approach to this process and his coaching techniques helped my son advance further in his academic goal of attending the university of his choice and receive an academic scholarship.
All together, the price, locations and the commitment and attention that was given to my son in this process was great!
-Ed S.

Mita S

My daughter benefited a lot by private lessons. She improved her reading scores significantly.
-Mita S.

Janice D.

If you are looking to boost your score on your SATs Paul Ivy Masters is the way you go. My sons SAT score improved by 140 points after taking his class. My son said if you had any trouble on anything he would go over it with you. He said whenever they had any homework each week they would go over it and also taking the practice tests in class helped when it was time for the SAT. Thank you Paul for helping my son improve his score.

-Janice D.

Ralph M

My daughter has been working with Paul from Ivy Masters for around 6 weeks or so. In just 4 sessions of private tutoring, her SAT score increased 300 points from her PSAT. We highly recommend Ivy Masters.
-Ralph M

Roy W.

Paul does a great job. My son was able to improve his SAT scores and get multiple offers for scholarships. As per my son, and from my standpoint as well, Paul is smart, professional and knows the algorithms for test taking really well. Highly recommended him for SAT and ACT study and prep.

-Roy W.

Diane L

My daughter raised her SAT score above her goal with the aid of Paul from Ivy Masters!!
-Diane L

Briann P.

Paul from Ivy Masters was my tutor back from 2002-2003. He was very tentative with me since it was very hard for me to retain information while studying. I would highly recommend Paul for all students. Ivy Masters is a great service!

-Briann P.

Jenn O

I began working with Paul in his group SAT class and then continued working with him for private lessons. Over that time, I was able to bring my scores from the 600s to a perfect 800 in reading and 790 in math. In the private tutor sessions, we chose to focus only on reading – which was my lowest score of all sections initially. After these focused sessions, I finished with an 800 in reading. With my improved scores, I was accepted to and attended Dartmouth College. The test-taking skills I learned from Paul have continued to help me throughout college, on the MCAT, and they continue to help me today in medical school!
-Jenn O

Judy D.

I had Paul tutor my daughter. He really helped with one on one tutoring. She did not feel intimidated and was able to ask questions. Her scores definitely improved and we used Paul for two different exams. He is calm and reassuring. I would definitely recommend Paul for your SAT needs. Thank you, Paul!

-Judy D.

Inna R.

Paul tutored both of my children – thanks to him my daughter was accepted to Rutgers on a partial scholarship and later went on to law school she is now a successful attorney at a firm in NYC. My son was accepted to Seton Hall on a scholarship and is now in his last year of nursing school. Paul provided the expertise, direction, and discipline my kids needed and customized to their individual needs.

-Inna R.

Antoinette R

I have used Paul for two of my children and he was amazing. We used him for private lessons both times and my kids were very comfortable with him. He definitely puts in the time and goes above and beyond to make sure he has covered everything with them in each lesson! We will use again for my third child when the time comes. Definitely worth our time and money – thumbs up!
-Antoinette R

Hope B.

We utilized Paul’s services many years back. He is professional, reliable, and most importantly, he knows his business. My son is now a second-year resident after attending medical school! In the competitive world we live in, every child needs an advantage if possible. Allowing Paul to guide you through the first step of SAT taking might just award your child that extra something!
-Hope B.

Swarnalatha B.

Paul is a highly professional, competent, and friendly tutor. We prefer in-person tutoring, but my daughter had to be out of state for 3 weeks for the summer program. However, Paul gave us the flexibility to take online tutoring during those weeks to keep her on track. Also with 2 months preparation, my daughter’s score increased by 70 points in math. Great teacher to work with!!
-Swarnalatha B.

Randi S.

I was fortunate enough to have Paul in our lives 2x. What’s unique about him is that he bonded with my kids on a different level. Which made them work harder in order to impress him and they just felt totally at ease with his tutoring style. Both kids did very well on their SATs and here I am years later recommending him to anyone and everyone. Can’t say enough positive things about Paul.
-Randi S.

Robin B.

My son had the wonderful opportunity to have Paul as his SAT tutor in both a small group and individual sessions. He always made Alex feel comfortable and really encouraged him to keep up with his practice work. Alex raised his math score by 80 points and overall superscore 110 points. Paul always responded to my texts or emails very quickly and was very flexible with scheduling. I would highly recommend him for all your SAT needs. Thanks again Paul!
-Robin B.

Tammy S

I first met Paul when my son Michael registered for his SAT class. I have come to believe that Paul is a very dedicated, educated and informative person. He takes teaching our children personally. He not only is in it for the money (he has to make something, it is his job after all!) but he really cares about the people he is instructing. I have called Paul and/or reached out to him many times with questions about my children. I have always been responded to in a professional manner that has helped my children succeed. I would and HAVE recommended Paul and Ivy Masters to anyone looking to better their scores. Anyone can reach out to me through messenger if they have any questions.
-Tammy S

Diane C

Paul is an excellent advisor on SAT testing strategies. Really provides back up for kids to prep as well as instruction during classes. Helped my daughter improve by almost 300 points…enough to get her merit scholarships from potential colleges of interest!!
-Diane C

Ed C

Paul helped my children improve their score which led to more Scholarship Money!!
-Ed C

Taylor C

Ivy Masters showed me how to study for the SAT specifically, an art not often explored in other classes. Paul made me want to do the weekly assigned work and strive to navigate the quirks of the test. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon recently and have to attest part of my admittance to the help I received on the SAT from Ivy Masters. (Also, it was cool meeting new people also enrolled in the class)
-Taylor C

Melissa J

With Paul’s help I made a great improvement (over 250 points) on my SAT score. My score led to scholarships at various universities including the University of Delaware (where I just graduated from). Thanks Paul!
-Melissa J

Sheri M

My daughter and I are very pleased with Paul Pscolka’s approach to SAT tutoring. My daughter took the SAT for the first time and increased her score by 110 points from her PSAT. I would recommend Ivy Masters to any of my daughter’s friends because he will help them reach their full potential. Paul is very passionate when it comes to his students acheiving their best test scores.
-Sheri M

Dan W

I want to thank Paul for all his work with my daughter. He was able to really provide a full understanding of the course material and provided strategies to ensure the best possible outcome. With Paul’s assistance my daughter’s SAT score went up 160 points. That is after taking an outside course and using another private tutor which we found to be ineffective. We just wish we went to Paul first.
-Dan W

Pat P

Our son began his SAT prep with Paul over this summer to prepare for the August exam. We found Paul to be very professional and our son related well to him, as well as to the coaching and strategies that were used. We just received our son’s text results, and they were 130 points higher than his PSAT. We were impressed since our son hasn’t taken all of the prerequisite Math. Paul’s expertise and guidance were a game changer. We’re continuing to work with Paul to develop a plan for the next SAT and highly recommend him.
-Pat P

Donna M

My daughter in high school played sports and was very involved in school activities. Paul would come to the house on Sundays because that was her only day free. He would go over details of the exam patiently and make sure she understand why the answers were the correct answer. Highly recommend him. He is calm, smart and patient and her score improved from him. Thank you Paul
-Donna M

Katie S

Paul did an exceptional job preparing me for the SATs. He was able to raise my score by over 200 points, which brought me just above my goal. I switched to him after having a poor experience with another tutor, and I am so happy I did. I have no doubt that I owe my acceptance into so many of my reach schools on him!
-Katie S

Karen F

Paul Pscolka has provided SAT preparation for all three of my children during their junior year of high school. My oldest daughter was a motivated student with a strong academic record. After working with Paul, she scored exceptionally well on the SAT and earned numerous academic scholarships. My younger daughter was also a conscientious and motivated student; however, her standardized test scores did not always reflect her effort. Paul provided her with strategies that allowed her to score impressively on the SAT. This solidified her acceptance to a highly competitive university. She is presently working with him to prepare for the GRE. Most recently, my son has worked with Paul. Historically, he has underperformed on standardized tests. Paul was extremely patient and encouraging. Based on PSAT indicators, my son tripled his anticipated score after taking the SAT for the first time. He raised his score again when he took the SAT for the second time.
I highly recommend Paul Pscolka for SAT preparation. The money spent for individual tutoring was an invaluable investment in my children’s education.

Beth Ann F

I always felt that Paul Pscolka was just as important as any other teacher that my children had while they were in high school. Aside from leading them to higher SAT scores, his study methods carried over into many other subjects. I especially know this to be true now that ten years have passed. For anyone who is on the fence about finding the money in your budget to hire Ivy Masters, all I have to say is JUST DO IT. My children both pushed harder and got into their universities of choice, graduated on time (one was six months early and summa cum laude), got employment in their chosen professions, and were independent adults before the age of 25. How much is that statement worth to me in this day and age? PRICELESS.
-Beth Ann F

Bruce P

I strongly recommend Paul Pscolka and Ivy Masters.  My son needed to raise his SAT score 150 points to be eligible to receive an appointment to the US Coast Guard Academy.  Paul’s hard work and ability to push my son to study harder than ever before paid off.  My sons score went up 210 points.  Paul went above and beyond, helping with the application/essay. My son received his appointment.  Paul instilled confidence and showed my son study habits needed to succeed in College.  My son received a BS in Management and serves as an officer in the US Coast Guard.  These achievements are thanks to Paul and Ivy Masters.

-Bruce P

Nancy K

Ivy Masters tutoring and approach are a step above all other SAT/ACT prep courses. Paul Pscolka just completed SAT tutoring for my son Kevin and helped him raise his SAT score by 380 points.That is almost unheard of. Paul also tutored my two other boys Patrick and Connor. They raised their scores by 270 and 280 points respectively. Patrick and Connor are both engineering students– Patrick at Virginia Tech and Connor at Florida State University. Paul is a very intelligent, reliable ,friendly, and professional. He is able to bond with his students in a way that makes them thrive.

Nancy K

Shirley S

My daughter Hannah started private lessons in April and by May her SAT score went up by 220 points. Paul provided useful resources such as practice tests, circle packets, vocabulary sheets, and math worksheets to ensure success. I would highly recommend Paul for his expertise.

Shirley S

Barbara D

Ivy Masters is the best tutoring service available in New Jersey.  From the first conversation about availability and types of classes, ie private, semi-private or small group classes I knew he was who I wanted for my son.  The small group classes worked out perfectly and they are truly small group.   Paul takes care in getting to know his students and even texts comments and progress along the way. Paul is a professional who cares about his students success but also finds a way to relate well to these young minds.  He gives confidence and support to all….if you have to travel to get to Paul it will be worth it!

Barbara D

Alice L

Our family is eternally grateful to Ivy Masters–specifically, Paul Pscolka, for the amazing impact that he has had on our children’s lives. We let both of our children take their first shot at the SATs with no help–we bought them a Review Book, and left them on their own…and although their scores were decent, we knew they could do better–so we called Paul after hearing great things about him from other friends–to our delight, both of our children did incredibly better after working with Ivy Masters! Paul Pscolka is a true professional! He has a way of working with students and establishing a bond with them, and their parents, that you would not find with a larger SAT-chain establishment. Paul is friendly, reliable, and when the occasional-need arises, he is flexible with his schedule. We were so happy with his services–and with the final outcome of our investment: both of our children were accepted into their first-choice schools: Boston College, and Sacred Heart University. Thank you Paul, for everything you did! – Alice L


I have used Ivy Masters for all three of my children while they were preparing to take both their SAT’s and ACT’S.   It was unbelievable the way Paul was able to identify each of their individual learning styles, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and create an individualized study plan for each of them.  We set up one on one appts with Paul weekly as he went over the material planned for that week as well as testing and scores from previous assignments.  He was always punctual and 100% attentive to my children’s needs.  Paul also guided them in writing their Essays for their college applications as well.  Ivy Masters goes above and beyond what is expected from a tutor.

Each one of my children improved their total scores by well over 200 points each which in turn helped them to be accepted into the schools of their choice.

Hiring Ivy Masters was the best investment we could have made for our children and I highly recommend them. – Patrice

Mark L.

Paul started tutoring me in the 9th grade. With his help, my vocabulary and reading skills increased massively. Each week, he’d teach me a new list of words. Because of Paul, it’s now much easier to understand higher level materials – a skill useful for both the SATs and life in general. Grammar and writing was also covered. Before working with Paul, I had no idea how to use a comma or a semicolon but now I’m a grammar wiz. He also helped me with SAT math, shedding light on the difficult problems with helpful tips. Paul is extremely flexible; when school was getting tough, he helped me sudy for my geometry tests. His personality is also great. Each week, he was friendly and funny. He knows when to crack a joke to keep the work from becomming too tiresome. Although our sessions were four hours long, they often flew by. With Paul’s help, I scored a 2400 on the Nov. 4 2006 SAT I and I’m thankful to him for each point that I received.
-Mark L.

Pam E

Paul, congrats on the new look of your website. Keep doing the good work that you do and the hard work that you put in. Both my girls went to your institute for SAT prep and improved their scores by 300-400 points. My older daughter went to NYU Stern for business and management and is successful in her chosen career path. My younger daughter is going to Pace University, New York on a scholarship and is studying global marketing. Your guidance proved invaluable for my daughters in improving their scores. I highly recommend your services to any student that wants to ace their SAT. Wish you all the success!

Pam E

Eddie C

Paul tutored me in high school and helped me dramatically improve my reading and writing. Under his guidance, I was able to raise my initial PSAT score to my final SAT score by a total of 390 points (based on the old 2400 scoring format). Paul helped me find my motivation and was fun to work with. He assigned me to read SAT vocabulary novels that I found very enjoyable and I would write summaries and make lists to learn and expand my vocabulary. Paul also helped me with my college essays and I was able to get into my first choice school. I’ll always be grateful and I consider him the best tutor I’ve ever had. Thanks for everything!

– Eddy C.

Jesse C

I began working with Paul during my junior year of high school to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Paul was a great mentor throughout the standardized testing and college application processes, especially for a first-generation American student whose parents did not have similar experiences to draw on in order to offer advice. I did well on those tests, and gained valuable studying, test-taking, and writing skills that benefited me during my time at Swarthmore College. I also found myself going back to the same techniques he taught me in order to study for the MCAT, and I recently matriculated to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School! I highly recommend his services as they will benefit you for years to come! – Jesse C

Max F

Paul is an excellent tutor with an impeccable passion to teach his students. Michelle and I learned a lot from him when we were studying for the SATs and other standardized tests. It has been a pleasure to study with the former UPenn graduate. I highly recommend anyone who wants a higher education to seek tutoring from Paul.

Max F


I personally want to thank Paul Pscolka for his great SAT prep classes thru Ivy Masters!! My daughters SAT scores improved high enough that she qualified for merit scholarships !! – Diane

Barbara S

Thank you Paul for all you have done to help my kids to be ready for this journey. They both received Presidential Scholarships… Konrad accepted University of Miami and Emilia Quinnipiac University 6 year PA program. Both are very happy. Wish you all the best in your successful business! – Barbara S


IVY Masters is a reasonably priced way you can help your children. It has been instrumental in helping my children focus on the skills to be able to approach any question. These skills transfer into how to do better in school tests as well. Highly recommend you let yours do an introductory class! – Ihab

Dina W

Paul was GREAT in helping tutor my son who is currently a junior in high school! Paul is VERY knowledgeable and is a good teacher who connected very well with my son. He is extremely flexible with his schedule as well as reliable.  After he tutored my son for his SAT, we continued with Paul tutoring my son for his ACT’s this past April. Paul fully prepared my son for both exams and helped build on his strengths and work on his weaknesses across all subject areas. My son felt confident that he was prepared going into the tests. I plan on asking Paul to tutor my daughter, currently in 7th grade, when it is time for her to take the SAT’s! – Dina W

Laura T

As the parent of an academically successful child, I wondered if an SAT prep class was really something my daughter needed.  Since my daughter felt this was something she wanted to pursue, we began to research different classes to determine what program would be a good fit, as well as give her the most successful outcome.  I called Paul Pscolka with Ivy Masters and was very impressed with his proposed approach and proven success record.  Each class, my daughter did not just review material and practice testing, but was given strategies to help navigate the exam and use her time wisely.  Mr. Pscolka was in constant contact with me via weekly email, which detailed my daughter’s progress,  Mr. Pscolka was available to all students before and after class to review any question or concern.  I’m thrilled with the final result.  My daughter scored a 1500 on the SAT, and is a serious contender for any university to which she applies.  I highly recommend this program to all students, and look forward to registering my son for the program in a few short years. – Laura T


I just want to share with everyone how wonderful Paul has been, both as a tutor and a mentor to my son. The process of applying to college and all that goes with it can be an extremely stressful time in a teenagers life. I am so thankful that we found Paul to take on this role. My son immediately developed trust and respect for Paul. With Paul’s expertise and guidance, my son scored perfect on both the math and the writing sections of the SAT. He has recently committed to Rutgers Honors College after being awarded the Presidential Scholarship. We could not have done it without Paul and we are incredibly grateful for all of his help and support. – Aimee


We can’t thank Paul enough for the extraordinary results his courses had on our children’s SAT scores.  He analyzes PSAT scores and effectively identifies areas requiring improvement.  My older son, Alec, scored an 1830 on his PSAT and attained a 2050 SAT immediately following Paul’s tutoring services (based upon old SAT score of 2400).  Recently, my younger son Jack received 1200 on his PSAT which quickly increased to an SAT score of 1430 in March 2017.  We believe a key reason for our sons’ improvements is the effective tutoring provided by Paul Pscolka. Given the results I experienced with my children, I highly recommend Paul! – Roberta

Lisa B

I would like to acknowledge an outstanding tutor that my son had for preparation of the SAT”s. Paul did an amazing job tutoring him and preparing him for the exam. He was able to break down and simplify the concepts in order for him to understand the SAT format, and eliminate some of the answers in order to make a better educated selection. He went over and beyond in making sure that Austin was prepared for the time constraints as well, by timing him on practice tests. Without his help, I believe Austin would have had fear of the unknown and not scored as high. He also spent time helping Austin select schools that fit best with his carrier choice. We used Paul for preparation of two SAT”s and his score went up the second time, which placed Austin with a Presidential scholarship at the University of Miami. His calming personality and ability to bond with the student allowed Austin to look forward to his sessions, and not groan about them. Paul displays all the attributes of a great educator and deserves to be acknowledged. I highly recommend Ivy Masters for superior tutoring skills. – Lisa B

Elizabeth K

Paul Pscolka was my daughter’s SAT tutor in the fall and winter of 2016. My daughter did well on her first SAT but wanted to take it again in the hopes of raising her score even higher, which it did. My daughter is an over achiever and wanted to take the test a third time to increase her score even more. Paul told my daughter she was in a good place and did not need to take it a third time- my daughter didn’t take his advice. What Paul taught my daughter was how to pace herself, strategize, and focus on what needed to be done to do the best she could. When my daughter asked Paul if she should also take the ACT he said it wasn’t necessary with her scores . I knew even more at that point that Paul wasn’t just trying to make money on this, but had my daughter’s best interests at heart . As a result my daughter got into 8 of the 9 schools she applied to and her number one choice as well. I highly recommend Paul Pscolka to anyone looking for a college prep test tutor. You will not be disappointed. – Elizabeth K

Michele B

Paul privately tutored my son during his Junior year of high school to help prepare my son for taking his SATs. I went the private tutor route vs. group sessions because my son did not need any tutoring for Math. I deemed this as money well spent.

Paul interacted very well with my son and together they established their schedule going forward. Not only did Paul help my son to improve his SAT scores, but more importantly, Paul taught my son how to study more efficiently. This continues to help my son today where he is at Virginia Tech majoring in Aerospace Engineering and is on the Distinguished Dean’s List. – Michele B

Kim C

Paul tutored me while I was in a masters program at Kean University. He helped me edit, enhance and complete very long and detailed papers and presentations. I was able to achieve A grades on those papers and presentations with Paul’s help. He has knowledge and skills in many subject matters. I highly recommend his services. – Kim C

Durga M

Paul is a reliable and professional teacher / tutor that you can count on for preparing your kids for SAT. Several of my friends used Paul’s teaching services and all of them are happy. – Durga M

Brian G

Paul was a great guide for my daughter in preparing her for the intricacies of the SAT. He gave her the knowledge, motivation, and accountability she needed to succeed. Paul has a friendly demeanor, but is “all-business” during the hour he spends with his students. Having been a full-time SAT teacher for 9 years he has an unsurpassed knowledge of the test and a simple way of explaining complex ideas. He drilled the strategies with my daughter until they were second nature to her by test day. His tutelage helped her increase her score 280 points which put some schools that she was interested in, but would not have considered before, within her reach. It also made her eligible for some scholarship money that was previously unattainable. I would highly recommend Paul for anyone in need of SAT prep for their child. – Brian G

Renee M

Paul tutored our son for the SAT. Paul not only helped Matthew to get his score to go up significantly, but he gave him more confidence in himself to take the test. Paul has a great personality and Matthew enjoyed working with him.

We would definitely hire Paul again! We have recommended him to all of our friends who have students who are planning on taking the SAT. – Renee M

Anita O

Paul has worked with both of my children and my family has known him for 5+ years. First he worked with my son for a couple of years on the SAT prep as well as helping him with college application essays. He was very successful in both as a result of Paul’s tutelage, including gaining scholarship money for the school of his choice.

He also tutored my Junior daughter this past year and we can attribute a 290 point increase on her SAT score from the PSATs.

No group session or franchise operation gives the attention and customized learning program that Paul will provide your child, not to mention the confidence he imparts on them to take the test and do their very best. I highly recommend Paul—so hurry and book him for your college age kids! – Anita O

Tom M.

I highly recommend Ivy Masters Learning Center and its owner Paul Pscolka. Their services are stellar and help increase students scores dramatically in SAT testing through creating effective learning experiences. Paul Pscolka is passionate about helping students and is extremely conversant about the entire SAT testing process and the college admissions process. Paul is responsive, customer oriented, and always goes the extra step to help his student be successful. I fully endorse Paul and his organization.

-Tom M.

Jen D

I just wanted to let you know James decided to commit to Drexel Univ – he’s really excited & so are we. I want to thank you so much for all your effort & enthusiasm – I know James benefitted tremendously from working with you. And made me feel so much better too – thank you so very much!! You can be sure I’m keeping your number handy & recommend you to my friends.
I wish you continued success. – Jen D

Teresa H.

Paul is constantly asking Jeffrey questions. I think that this approach is valuable because it forces my son to figure things out for himself. As a result, he remembers what they studied. If there is ever something Jeff does not understand, Paul puts it in terms he can understand. Jeff has learned a great deal from having the material he is studying related to his own experience. -Teresa H.

Joanne L.

I am fortunate to have Paul as the English tutor for my boys, Shawn and Dave. Paul can quickly identify his students’ strength and weakness. He uses different methodologies to teach different students. He sets clear and feasible objectives for his students to achieve. He is encouraging and helping all the time. He communicates a lot with his students’ parents as well as his students.
-Joanne L.