Customized Solutions
to Achieve Your Dreams

School…test prep…college admissions– it can all be overwhelming. Here at Ivy Masters, our tailored solutions provide relief and confidence, guiding your child through every academic challenge. Explore our range of services, from classroom tutoring to SAT and ACT prep to college admissions advising. Gain clarity and a competitive edge on your path to achieving your dreams.

Why Ivy Masters?

At Ivy Masters, we provide a clear roadmap to
higher education success.

Targeted Instruction

Personalized learning plans and focused attention empower your child to overcome challenges and achieve academic excellence with confidence.

Intensive Learning

Trying to cram test prep into a single-day crash course can be overwhelming and ineffective. We believe in a consistent, conscientious approach to learning so your child has adequate time to master new strategy and content

Cutting Edge Methods

Standardized tests and academic instruction are constantly evolving. Our founder, Paul, is committed to staying ahead of the curve and continuously updating the exclusive Ivy Masters curriculum to reflect the latest developments in testing.

Unparalleled Expertise

We don’t “dabble” in test prep. Since 2002, Ivy Masters has focused on our singular goal of helping students succeed in testing with a level of experience, commitment, and enthusiasm that’s unmatched in the industry.

Higher Academic Success

Former Ivy Masters students have attended Princeton, Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Cornell, and Dartmouth. Many have earned substantial scholarships.

Our Expectations

While we offer flexibility, we've observed that students generally benefit most from one hour of daily homework. Some students struggle due to scheduling limitations; others lack the motivation. Effort directly correlates with effective preparation

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