Alisa F.

I would like to recommend Paul of Ivy Masters for SAT prep! Ivy Masters easily rated a 5/5 for test preparation, mind and body training for optimal performance on test day and individualized instruction. My son struggles with standardized testing due to adhd and difficulty with executive functioning (self starting, time management and auditory processing). Coupled with the anxiety of having to prepare for an SAT during a pandemic, when social distancing and mask wearing make SAT test taking difficult for most students, Paul was able to create a unique program so my son would receive the full course even though the SAT test day was moved up due to covid. My son had a 240 score improvement because Paul helped him create a strategy for success! Looking back, my son attributes his amazing score (at the 98th percentile) to being able to take mock tests every Saturday mimicking the actual test day. He followed every one of Paul’s suggestions and along with a 504 plan and time and a half accommodation, my son remembered everything he learned at Ivy Masters and was able to complete each section. I highly recommend Ivy Masters, especially if your child has any unique learning styles and/or attention issues. Thank you, Paul for assisting my son towards his next academic endeavor!

-Alisa F.

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