College Admissions
Advising - Doreen


IECA, NJACAC B.S.E. NJIT, MBA, Pace University

College selection is an exciting and stressful time for both students and their parents. Navigating the college process, determining which colleges to apply to, and optimizing your child’s chances for acceptance can be overwhelming.  Doreen helps guide students through the process of planning, exploring, applying to, and ultimately selecting the ‘best fit’ colleges.

Your child will be guided by a knowledgeable and caring education consultant who has a proven track record and unique insights into colleges.  She strives to help each student reach his/her academic and education potential and works with students of all abilities.  She truly believes there is a ‘best fit‘ college for each student.  She conducts virtual meetings to accommodate student’s hectic schedules and summarizes every meeting with a plan of action and next steps for the parents and students.  Parent “check-ins” are established regularly to keep parents informed of the progress and decisions being made during student meetings.

Doreen is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association as well as the New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Master of Business from Pace University. She has been advising students on the college admisisons process since 2017 and previously tutored students in math and science. Additionally, Doreen has a corporate background in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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  • College Planning: This plan is customized to support a student in college planning. The plan includes assessing leadership and extracurricular activities and making recommendations to enhance the college application. Courses are recommended to optimize GPA and knowledge, letter of recommendation are discussed, and a college resume is developed. I brainstorm and edit college personal statement and supplemental essays; help develop a list of best-fir colleges consisting of safety, targer, and reach schools; discuss ED and EA strategies; and manage the application timelines and application process.
  • 9th and 10th Grade Optimizing Opportunities: This plan is for students who want to maximize their potential during high school. The academic record is assessed for strengths and weaknesses; recommendations are made for improving study skills; analytics are used to project GPA at college selection and scenarios are modelled based upon course selection; interests are discussed and recommendations are given for extra-curricular, volunteer, employment, and summer activities. Then, standardize testing choices are discussed (PSAT/SAT/ACT; AP) and a timeline for testing is created. Strategies are provided for time management, problem solving and study skills; majors and minors are discussed and based upon interests opportunities to prepare for those majors are planned; suggestions for building relationships with guidance counselors discussed; customize timeline and action plan for all four years of high school including customized testing schedule.
  • Career Assessment: Determining a college major or even selecting a college within a university can be difficult for students who are unsure of the areas of study or the career potentials associated with courses of study. I help students determine what to study in college by helping them understand their options, assessing their preferences, and aligning their abilities to determine the best fit majors and colleges to apply.
  • High School Selection Process:  I help students evaluate and gain acceptance to private high schools and specialized high schools in New Jersey.  I assist students with the application process, prepare students for the interview processes at private and magnet high schools in New Jersey.

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