Thomas A.

Thank you Paul at Ivy Masters Learning Center. Paul was excellent to work with and his flexibility over the past six months has been outstanding. The combination of virtual, in-home and in-class sessions were just the mix my son needed during these unprecedented times. My son improved 4 points on the ACT’s between his September and his 2 October tests, and we are very happy for that (+4 in math, +5 in science, +6 in english and +4 in reading). When super-scored it is actually a +5 improvement. Paul and his tutors gave my son the confidence he needed going into the tests. With his new score he can not only get into the colleges he was aiming for, but now has opened up another new set of colleges he can look at.

I would recommend Ivy Masters Learning Center to anyone looking to improve their ACT/SAT scores.

-Thomas A.

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