Roy W.

Paul does a great job. My son was able to improve his SAT scores and get multiple offers for scholarships. As per my son, and from my standpoint as well, Paul is smart, professional and knows the algorithms for test taking really well. Highly recommended for SAT and ACT study and prep.
Originally posted a review for Paul and Ivy Masters in October, 2017 after Paul helped my son, Jon, improve his SAT and ACT. Jon is quite smart and a great student but after working with Paul, group class and then small group instruction, Jon got great scores and ended up with great scholarship offers including a complete funding/ scholarship from NJIT.
That was 2 years ago. Paul recently helped my daughter with her SAT prep. Her original SAT score, without tutoring, was 1300. She is an excellent student too, stronger in math than English, generally. After working with Paul in small group instruction, she raised her math score to near perfect, 790 out of 800. With more small group instruction, she raised her English score to 710. Super score of 1500.
The numbers speak for themselves. Beyond that, Paul is just a great guy, super professional, extremely smart, really nice and a great communicator, particularly when timing or matters arose to arrange small groups with multiple kids and multiple parents. Proud to call him an Old Bridge neighbor as well.
I’m not sure I could give him a higher or more wholehearted recommendation.
If you want your kid to get better SAT or ACT scores, Paul is the man. His prices are reasonable too. He’s paid for his efforts many times over in the added scholarship monies my son has, and is, receiving. My daughter will no doubt reap the same benefits, perhaps a bit more.
Thank you buddy! neighbor and friend.

-Roy W.