Priya P.

Paul from Ivy Masters was an invaluable component to our son’s final SAT score.
My son had come to Ivy Master with a 1320 on his first SAT score, after registering with Ivy Masters
and completing his proprietary/strategic method of taking the exam, our son’s second SAT score, hit
1520. That’s a 200 point increase!!! That’s a dramatic increase, considering he only spent 16 hours of
class time with Paul, as well as you don’t go broke using his service!! Don’t be fooled by his low price.
Sure are glad we made the choice to go with Paul from Ivy Masters.
Take Note: Our son put in considerable amounts of time following Paul’s strategies, not just the basic
hour’s in class. He spent well over 100 hours combined. Your kids will have to put in the effort on their
own as well. Paul follows up weekly with your child’s progress via email. If you email him, he is
responsive and will get back to you.

Thank You Paul for the incalculable service you provide.

-Priya P.