I have used Ivy Masters for all three of my children while they were preparing to take both their SAT’s and ACT’S.   It was unbelievable the way Paul was able to identify each of their individual learning styles, recognize their strengths and weaknesses and create an individualized study plan for each of them.  We set up one on one appts with Paul weekly as he went over the material planned for that week as well as testing and scores from previous assignments.  He was always punctual and 100% attentive to my children’s needs.  Paul also guided them in writing their Essays for their college applications as well.  Ivy Masters goes above and beyond what is expected from a tutor.

Each one of my children improved their total scores by well over 200 points each which in turn helped them to be accepted into the schools of their choice.

Hiring Ivy Masters was the best investment we could have made for our children and I highly recommend them. – Patrice