Nitidhan A.

Paul was introduced to us by a personal friend in the area. My son attended Paul’s SAT class in early 2018 followed by one-on-one tutoring this past summer to help prepare him for the SAT exam.

Although I have always been skeptical of using SAT prep classes due to mixed reviews from various sources, I wanted my son to have the most experienced instructor to enhance his knowledge and prepare him. In hind sight, using Paul was an excellent decision that has already reaped priceless benefits considering that my son improved his score by 290 points.

Paul’s in-depth aptitude, communication and professionalism has made a vast difference in my son’s ability to comprehend the more challenging topics and material in math and verbal sections of the SAT.

I have nothing but high praise for Paul and his genuine ability to help students improve their scores on placement exams. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who has a desire to learn and prepare themselves for college. An investment now can reap priceless benefits in your child’s education and career path in the future.

Paul – As I have stated before, you are an inspiration and I am honored to have had the opportunity to have my son learn from a truly exceptional instructor !!! Thank you again.

-Nitidhan A.