Mark L.

Paul started tutoring me in the 9th grade. With his help, my vocabulary and reading skills increased massively. Each week, he’d teach me a new list of words. Because of Paul, it’s now much easier to understand higher level materials – a skill useful for both the SATs and life in general. Grammar and writing was also covered. Before working with Paul, I had no idea how to use a comma or a semicolon but now I’m a grammar wiz. He also helped me with SAT math, shedding light on the difficult problems with helpful tips. Paul is extremely flexible; when school was getting tough, he helped me sudy for my geometry tests. His personality is also great. Each week, he was friendly and funny. He knows when to crack a joke to keep the work from becomming too tiresome. Although our sessions were four hours long, they often flew by. With Paul’s help, I scored a 2400 on the Nov. 4 2006 SAT I and I’m thankful to him for each point that I received.
-Mark L.