Laura T

As the parent of an academically successful child, I wondered if an SAT prep class was really something my daughter needed.  Since my daughter felt this was something she wanted to pursue, we began to research different classes to determine what program would be a good fit, as well as give her the most successful outcome.  I called Paul Pscolka with Ivy Masters and was very impressed with his proposed approach and proven success record.  Each class, my daughter did not just review material and practice testing, but was given strategies to help navigate the exam and use her time wisely.  Mr. Pscolka was in constant contact with me via weekly email, which detailed my daughter’s progress,  Mr. Pscolka was available to all students before and after class to review any question or concern.  I’m thrilled with the final result.  My daughter scored a 1500 on the SAT, and is a serious contender for any university to which she applies.  I highly recommend this program to all students, and look forward to registering my son for the program in a few short years. – Laura T