Hillary S.

Thank you Ivy Masters Learning Center! Paul Pscolka is an amazing SAT tutor. This was a flawless experience. Paul keenly assessed exactly where Yael needed guidance. He focused on specific areas Yael wanted to improve in. There was no extraneous information. Yael reached her target score (1570) under Paul’s direction. In addition, he supplied her with specific practice packets and access to a large number of practice tests. He also provided her with useful SAT tips and pointers. Paul is professional, kind, dedicated, and truly cares about his students. Thanks to Paul, Yael took the SAT one time and is done! The hourly fee may sound high but Paul is a true expert! He never charged extra for all of Yael’s questions outside of her tutoring hour and he was very accessible whenever Yael reached out to him. He does not count minutes, and is clearly dedicated to the best possible learning environment for the student. Thank you Paul!

-Hillary S.

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