Elizabeth K

Paul Pscolka was my daughter’s SAT tutor in the fall and winter of 2016. My daughter did well on her first SAT but wanted to take it again in the hopes of raising her score even higher, which it did. My daughter is an over achiever and wanted to take the test a third time to increase her score even more. Paul told my daughter she was in a good place and did not need to take it a third time- my daughter didn’t take his advice. What Paul taught my daughter was how to pace herself, strategize, and focus on what needed to be done to do the best she could. When my daughter asked Paul if she should also take the ACT he said it wasn’t necessary with her scores . I knew even more at that point that Paul wasn’t just trying to make money on this, but had my daughter’s best interests at heart . As a result my daughter got into 8 of the 9 schools she applied to and her number one choice as well. I highly recommend Paul Pscolka to anyone looking for a college prep test tutor. You will not be disappointed. – Elizabeth K