Ady V.

Paul tutored my daughter in a small group setting with two of her friends who were on a similar academic level. The girls met with Paul once a week during the summer for about 10 weeks. They did one practice test a week (together without Paul) and Paul reviewed their incorrect answers with them each week showing them his test strategies for various types of questions.

My daughter started out with a 1320 on her first practice SAT. When she took the real SAT for the first time in August (right after finishing her lessons with Paul) she scored a 1460! She scored a 780 on the math!

Paul helped my daughter gain confidence and knowledge for the SAT exam. She learned beneficial strategies regarding the test questions that she wouldn’t have known otherwise. Paul knows the test inside/out and has extremely valuable techniques which he passes on to his students. His prices were very reasonable especially in a small group setting. I know people who’ve paid much more for large group sessions with test prep companies which don’t offer the individual focus we received from Paul.

We highly recommend Paul for SAT/ACT prep. His knowledge of both tests is immense and I attribute my daughter’s increase of 140 points to her lessons with Paul.

-Ady V.