Challenging The New Digital SAT

Last weekend I had the opportunity to present at the National Test Prep Association, alongside such esteemed colleagues as Mike Bergin of Chariot Learning in Rochester, NY, Amy Seeley of Seeley Test Pros in Cleveland, Ohio, and Janet Godwin, CEO of ACT, Inc. At the conference, Angela DelBrocco, Executive Director of SAT Program Management and […]

Was the SAT more difficult in March?

After a parent posed the aforementioned question to me for the 100th time, I decided it was a good topic for this column. The answer is…maybe. The March SAT may have also been “easier.” Each SAT, just like every other standardized test (the NJGPA, the ACT, the GRE, the LSAT, and the MCAT) is “equated.” […]

The Class of 2025 will take the New SAT

“Put Down Your #2 Pencils. Forever” quipped the New York Times in their January 25th article. It is true. The SAT is going digital. This new test will be available outside the US in 2023. Current freshman will get their first taste of the new format as a PSAT in October 2023 before they take […]

A Brief(ish) Timeline of the SAT and ACT

1900—twelve university presidents form the College Entrance Examination Board in order to create a uniform college admission test in essay format. This allowed students to take one test for several universities instead of a test for each university. In World War I the first IQ test is given to a large group of Americans—the Army […]

What should my child’s SAT/ACT testing timeline look like?

Parents often ask me the best time for their child to take the SAT. I usually counter by advising them to sign their child up for a mock SAT and a mock ACT before deciding which test to move forward with. When a student takes a mock test depends (mostly) on what math class the […]

It is not too early to prepare for the college admissions process

I recommend all students and parents start activities for the college admissions process in 9th grade. At first glance, this may seem ridiculously early, but in truth, it is the time to create a plan which will allow for flexibility and changes to the program. Believe it or not, there is much a student can […]

Thanks to all our students, tutors, proctors, administration, and support staff!

Ivy Masters would like to thank all our students, tutors, proctors, administration, and support staff that made 2021 such an amazing year. Aashray S. Abby W. Abhijit V. Abigail S. Adam E. Aiden B. Akash B. Aleksander K. Alessia G. Alex U. Alexa M. Alexandra B. Alexandra D. Alexandria C. Alexandria T. Alexei N. Alexis […]

What does my child’s PSAT mean?

Most students took the PSAT on October 13th. So what? It doesn’t count for anything, right? Wrong!…Mostly. Here are some ways the PSAT counts for everyone who takes it: The PSAT is an opportunity for students to put themselves in a real test setting before taking their first official SAT. It is an chance to […]

The truth behind test-optional universities

There have been test-optional universities for the past fifty two years, when Bowdoin stopped requiring its students to submit SAT or ACT test scores. Until the past 18 months, test-optional policies were very rare—93% of universities required scores. In the advent of COVID, most universities have gone test-optional. Since this is a relatively recent phenomenon, […]

The 4 Essentials of SAT Prep

Over the past two decades, I have been a student of my students, particularly those who have made the best improvements on these tests.  What do they do that most students don’t? I have found it boils down to four habits students should have: (1) Do all of their practice, to the best of their […]