Ivy Masters Tutor – Rowan

School: Johns Hopkins University Class of 2026
SAT: 1520 (10 points higher than the average for Harvard and Princeton)

  • Tutors SAT Verbal or Math
  • Tutors math up to and including AP Calculus BC
  • Tutors History up to and including AP United States History
  • Tutors English up to and including 10th Grade
  • Tutors AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science A, AP Statistics
  • Scored 5 (highest possible score) on the following AP Tests: AP Biology, AP Microeconomics, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP United States History, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, AP Physics C : Mechanics, AP English Language + Composition
  • Scored 800 on SAT II Biology E&M
  • Cumulative Weighted GPA of 5.41
  • Rowan is only available virtually from August 17th to December 24th 2022 and January 23rd to May 20th